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Ballistic Bubbles

Ballistic Bubbles is an endless challenge as you try to fend off the constant barrage of Bubbles. With Power-Up Bubbles to help you out and Bad bubbles to get in your way, you won’t be able to stop Popping!

Collect Coins to unlock new Backgrounds and Dead-Zones to completely customise your Bubble Popping experience.

And Challenge your Friends to see who is the true Bubble Popping Master.


  • An endless Fun and Challenging Bubble Popping experience.

  • Multiple different Power-Up Bubbles to help you along the way.

  • A few nasty Bad Bubbles to make that Bubble Popping experience just a bit more Challenging.

  • Difficult but Rewarding Challenges.

  • An In-Game Currency used for buying cool new Backgrounds and Dead-Zones.

  • A Game Stats menu for checking out your PB’s, Averages and Lifetime feats.

  • A Store filled with great value In-App purchases to help you out if you need it.