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Netball Battler

The Netball Battler app was designed with the Netball parent in mind. Do you struggle to survive the chaos of weekend netball? Do you get in the car to head to your Saturday game of netball (maybe you’re running late, maybe you’re not) and wonder what court you’re darling netballer is on?

Do you get to the courts and check the draw posted on the notice board, only to “forget” the name of your netballer’s team? Better yet, do you just wonder around the courts until you find a familiar face? Do you have multiple Netballing darlings playing and you just can’t remember where, when, why? Then this is the app for you.

Netball Battler allows users to follow your selected teams by alerting you 15 minutes prior to your game. It provides you with your games’ start time, court and the opposition team name with a simple alert. No more texting a team mate or coach for the answers and waiting for their response. No more messing around with loading the draw onto your phone and worrying about cold fingers pressing the wrong links. Just download this app and let it do all the work for you